Becoming A Proud Owner Of A Jeep

jeep accessories

Say hello to your new Jeep. Well, perhaps not brand new because for motoring enthusiasts, this is probably one of the most expensive icons to own, never mind purchase. The purchase on its own is hefty. But then comes the regular maintenance and upkeep of one of the world’s most sought-after SUVs. And like most vehicles, this Jeep, or any of the range of models available, must still be insured. And that’s certainly not cheap either.

But buying a secondhand Jeep is now well within your range. And keeping it on the road in good shape for long periods of time never needs to cost you an arm and a leg because you will always have a steady supply of jeep accessories to fall back on. This is a service delivery that comes from guys who know how to deliver. How do they know? They are long in the tooth. That means years of experience in the trucking business.

So maybe, just maybe, you’re not in the market for a Jeep after all. Maybe you want a Range Rover. Note to those who are not yet this far into the driving game. There are distinct differences between the Range Rover and the Jeep. So, do not tie yourself in knots over the labelling. And maybe just maybe, you’re after something that you can really be proud of, something straight from home. Become the proud new owner of a Ford truck.

All things considered, owning a truck costs money and there’s huge responsibilities in keeping them roadworthy and in good shape. But thank goodness for that. If ever in doubt or stuck on the road if you will, you’ve always got these guys to fall back on. Rich and famous? Naa, you’re an owner too, didn’t you know?

7 Reasons to Visit Houston

If you live in Texas, Houston is one of the state’s biggest and most enjoyable cities worth visiting. Although it may be a far drive for some people in the state, it is worth trekking the miles. Once you arrive, you’ll enjoy a plethora of things to see and do and experience. No matter how long you stay in Houston, it is impossible to cover all of the fun.  Take a look below to learn seven of the top reasons to take a galveston to houston shuttle and visit this big city without delay.

1.    Food: BBQ is a Texas specialty and Houston is home to a number of awesome trucks and food pits that have food so delicious, it will make you want to smack your mama. Check these eateries out as well as the areas food and taco trucks and fine dining options.

galveston to houston shuttle

2.    Kids Activities: Planning a trip with the kids? The large list of kid-friendly entertainment options in Houston won’t disappoint. Kids of all ages can have an amazing time in this city.

3.    Annual Events: No matter what time of year you plan a Houston visit, expect many special events to take place that you are sure to enjoy.

4.    Affordable: No matter where in the state you come from, a Houston visit is always affordable. Why go broke to enjoy life when Houston is nearby?

5.    Weather: It’s hot in Houston during the summer but a spring or fall visit could treat you to divine weather than leave you feeling your best.

6.    Space Center: Do we really need to say more? The Houston Space Center is one of the coolest places on planet earth and everyone should take a peek at the fun.

7.    Why Not?: In a city of more than 11 million people, there is never a shortage of fun, whatever it is you have in mind to enjoy.

How to Find a Job in the Trucking Industry

Truck driving jobs are in high demand. There is no question the need for truck drivers will only increase as e-commerce and online businesses soar. If you are in the market for a good job, why not consider driving a truck? There are tons of options to choose from to get your foot in the door as well as a growth opportunity. Take a look at the great lease to own trucking companies when you’re ready to expand your horizons.

How can you find these great trucking industry jobs? Use any of the following techniques to find the best jobs in the trucking industry.

Ask Around

Word of mouth is a helpful solution that can help you find jobs with the best companies, current openings, and the best pay and benefits. Ask friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and anyone else whom you might think knows something that you don’t.

Online Job Boards

lease to own trucking companies

Many online job boards provide truck drivers with the latest routes and job information. Check out some of the job boards and get details of the job and how to apply. You can browse job boards any time of the day or night with nothing more than internet access needed.


Check out the classified section of the local newspaper to learn more about trucking industry job openings. Many companies still use this source as a means to recruit since a lot of people use the newspaper even in today’s technology-savvy world.

Final Word

There are endless opportunities for truck drivers to pick up great jobs. The ideas above are a few of the easiest ways to get the jobs that you really want. A job in the trucking industry could very well be what you have been waiting your whole life to find.

Joys And Benefits Of Re-Building A Transmission

rebuilt transmission

Stubbornly, most men don’t like being told what to do, but admirably, most men like to get their hands dirty. Those men who never bothered to listen and follow what motor car gurus have been saying all the years now find themselves saddled with big bills to pay. Or if not that, they are now taking the bus to work. Or even worse, they’re walking. Because over all the years of not taking good care of their old Sally, they can no longer afford to maintain and run a car’s engine. Err, what’s that someone just said?

Maintain? Who said anything about maintaining the car? Oh, plenty of times, Buck. You heard the stories plenty but you just didn’t bother to listen to them. There’s a big difference, see. Anyhow, those pals who’ve been looking after their cars all these years, well, some of them anyhow, might have come across and experienced the splendors and benefits of a rebuilt transmission. This was accomplished by some of those guys who’ve had their heads buried under cars’ hoods or completely underneath the car’s body, sliding in and out at times to retrieve a screwdriver or a wrench.

And some of these guys have gone on to become 21st century car gurus. They know everything there is to know about the old cars by now. But they also seem to know a lot about the new cars coming onto the market every year, even those strange-looking cars that don’t even make a sound. Why is that? How’s those cars’ engines running? On diesel lite? Nope, by electricity and battery, that’s how. You see, there’s some clever people out there who listened to what the innovators had to say and now they’re saving thousands by the gallon.

Should You File an Insurance Claim for Hail Damage Repair?

Lakewood residents understand the dangers that hail presents to them during the harsh Colorado winters. For so many drivers, dents and dings ultimately require them to find expert hail damage repair lakewood co to keep their car in good condition. But, the question is, should you get the insurance involved when there is damage that you need to have repaired?

If you carry full coverage auto insurance, they may pay for the costs of hail damage. Check your policy to learn if it is covered. Read the fine print as well. Sometimes, it is better to pay the costs of the damage than to file a claim. Will it affect future costs of your policy? How much is your deductible? All of this information is important to keep in mind when it’s time to schedule hail damage repair.

hail damage repair lakewood co

Most people find that it is cheaper to pay the cost of the damage out of pocket versus file a claim but this is not true for every person.  It is important to learn firsthand which option is best for your needs. You can always talk to a professional to learn more about the costs to better decide if it is worth filing a claim with the insurance company. The costs of the job should ultimately decide this information for you.

On average, hail damage repair costs about $100, so you can certainly understand why it makes sense to pay for the repair out of pocket rather than file a claim, meet the deductible (which starts at $500) and deal with the insurance adjuster, waiting periods, etc. that you’ll face when working with the insurance company. For more serious hail damage, of course it may be beneficial to call the insurance company.

How To Start A Car Wash Business

Starting a business can be a fun and enjoyable experience.  When we have a passion for a specific industry, training on how to service those customers and the desire to give back to the community is when we know that this is the business to open.  One business that many don’t think about entering into but can be a very lucrative venture is a car wash.

The Core Principle

Car washes are a great business to get into because everybody needs to get their car washed.  The second reason is that many cities and states have put a ban on washing your car at your home.  The reason for this can be traced back to drought conditions. 

Getting Started

To get started in the car wash business you will first want to consider what is involved with car wash maintenance.  Depending on what type of system you want to implement there will be a need to check that equipment from time to time. But, how does this affect us in running a car wash?

Most companies that sell the equipment for car wash businesses will also supply the maintenance services as well.  This is a great deal for those looking to get into this lucrative business. 

car wash maintenance

How many cars can we wash?

This depends on the size of your business.  For many that go the electronic machine route you can do between ten and twenty a unit per hour.  If you figure it takes about five to seven minutes to go from the start of the wash to the end.

The full package

Many systems that can run a car wash are fully turnkey operated.  Once the equipment is installed there really isn’t that much more to do.  Simply turn it on and keep watch in case there is an issue.  For many looking to get into a simple everybody needs business this is one they should consider.

Taking Care of Towing Needs

commercial vehicle roadside assistance

Getting stranded in your vehicle can be really problematic and, as you sort out what it is that you want to do when it gets to that point, you are going to find that there are a lot of ways to actually get what you may need in order to stick to your ideas. How can you be sure that you’re going to be safe? Do you know where you have to go in order to call commercial vehicle roadside assistance and how they can give you pretty much anything and everything that you may be looking for in the first place?

Towing companies usually have someone on call 24/7 and, because of that, you may be looking at many different things that you’re trying to do in order to get ahead of your issues in the first place. Taking the time to actually know your local towing place and to see what it is that they have to say isn’t only a helpful thing, but it can give you some ideas regarding what it is that you want to do and how you’ll make it easier on yourself in the first place anyway.

Taking that time to look at what there is and to try and make sense of what is involved isn’t only a good idea, but it can help you to prevent any sort of issue that may come up as a part of those problems as well. Really looking at what is going on here and knowing what can happen is helpful and will give you a lot of benefits in relation to what you want to do and how you may want to make it easier on yourself anyway. Take that time to really look at what you need and find someone that you can trust that will help you out as well.

How To Find A Job In The Automotive Field

Finding a job has become a challenge for most people.  In the past all one would have to do is look in the want ads of a newspaper and then walk in for an interview.  Today, technology has taken center stage and if you want to find a job you have to be a computer genius.  Well, if you are in the automotive niche, have skills that can fix a car or if you know your way around an engine then looking for automotive careers has become much easier and lucrative.

Preparing your Resume’

The first part of getting any job is to have a clean, crisp resume’.  This is the document that breaks down your education, skills and other factors that make you a good candidate for a job.  When writing you resume’ you want to highlight what makes you different from everybody else.  Employers will have thousands of these to go through and if all of them graduated from the same school or have the same amount of experience then what makes you special?

Have a clear goal

During the interview process you will be asked some basic questions on top of questions that employers want specific answers two.  One question that they might ask is why you feel you are a good fit for a job or why do you think they should hire you.  Giving a canned answer will not get you the job.  Employers don’t want to hear that you are good at your job.  They want to hear passion for the craft.  Hiring someone that just wants a paycheck will not get you a job.  What is it that you bring to the company and why will hiring you make it better?  Employers want to know what is in it for them.

Have questions

automotive careers

When interviewing the employer will want to know if you have any questions.  Don’t sit there and say “NO.”  This is your time to shine.  Ask a meaningful question.  Ask a question that makes an employer believe that you are passionate and want the job.  Never ask about money or vacation time, at least not as your first question.  Ask a question that shows you want to work.  Ask something like, “If I were in this specific situation how you would want it handled?”  When you ask a question about a situation that comes up that makes the employer think then you just moved yourself ahead of the game.

Replacement Parts Are No Longer Hard To Find

attwood replacement parts

Finding the correct port at which to dock is no longer difficult, and it has been the case for all the industrialized years that have passed. And no longer is it the case that only the world’s largest (record-breaking sized) tankers, and cargo liners, and luxury sea cruisers, are traveling the seven seas for thousands of miles. Those with the adventurous spirit and a die-hard lust, but uttermost respect, for the sea, are now able to travel from one port, say lining the Pacific Ocean, to another, in nothing more than a tarpaulin-sailed yacht. But it has to be said that none of this ocean-faring bravado would have been possible if it had not been for modern communications and engineering technologies, as well as marine brand attwood replacement parts which, for lack of a better word to express it, can be shipped pretty much from any port in the world these days.

Yes, an interesting way of putting it.

Because here you are in one port of the world. Your ship has not run aground but it is docked in port simply because it needs its replacement parts without any further ado. Thanks to engineering prowess, the marine engineer knows what to do next. He orders the replacement parts. But for some reason or another, these parts that are unique to the boat in question need to be shipped from the Far East, of all the places in the world. But that being said; the order is made, the parts are packaged, they are distributed. And then they are shipped to your port. Only the thing is they are shipped by plane.

How odd, you would have thought. Nevertheless, this works and no longer does a ship’s captain have to wait weeks for his parts to arrive.

Full-On Specs Of A Real RAM

ram trucks miamibetween a Dodge RAM and a real RAM

The real RAM is still a Dodge in case you must know. Looking to get one of the all-time classic 21st century pickups? Be warned, the ram trucks miami has available have highlighted specs and features a few miles long. So, what this article’s going to do so long is just make the introductions. And then the rest’s going to be up to you. Whatever deal you and your Dodge sales consultant decide on will be on you.

But if you do your R & D like a real pro, learning how to differentiate between a Dodge RAM and a real RAM you can do no wrong as an all-American truck driver from Miami to New York and back, but no land speed records, please. One or two highlighted features to begin with then. The Dodge RAM has eighteen inch spare wheels packed in the back. In the front is packed a 5.7L V8 HEMI MDS VVT Engine.

Yes, that’s right folks, that’s the full package; thought to mention the full description of the Dodge RAM’s engine for maximum impact. For those who insist on having mod-cons included to the all-American truck, there’s wireless phone connectivity, remote keyless entry, active noise control system (huh, who would want to cut out the noise?) and there’s rear window defrosters included too.

For the long road ahead there’s always going to be your single disc remote CD player. And now there’s this. There’s Sirius XM satellite radio. Getting home later than usual at night? Well, there’s this thing called a Universal garage door opener. Luxury and color for the fashion or image conscious. The vehicle’s been given a sporty look. Interiors are black. Door handles, front and rear bumpers and the grille has been given its uncharacteristic color.

Installed bucket seats are in deluxe cloth. Important info for those of you who are intent on using the RAM for long hauls, you’ll be pleased to know that this here truck has been fully prepared for trailer towing. Black trailer tow mirrors have been included along with the usual exterior mirrors, as well as supplemental signals and courtesy lamps. A Class 4 receiver hitch has been included, and then there’s your trailer brake control.

Almost time to wrap it up. Let’s talk a bit about ‘convenience features’. The driver’s vanity mirror is a ‘touch down’. For long, thirsty drives, front beverage holders have been built in. There’s going to be absolutely no speeding now that speed control’s specs have been illuminated. Driving is safe and focused. All console interests are just overhead, stacked neatly away from the main controls of, like, actual driving.

Here’s some entertaining features to close off with before this here Dodge roars off. Smart device integration includes Apple. The package is also Android compatible. LCD monitors have been included, and then there’s six steering wheel mounted audio controls packed in. Well, alright, kids, get in. There’s place at the back for them too. Five rear seats.