How To Find A Job In The Automotive Field

Finding a job has become a challenge for most people.  In the past all one would have to do is look in the want ads of a newspaper and then walk in for an interview.  Today, technology has taken center stage and if you want to find a job you have to be a computer genius.  Well, if you are in the automotive niche, have skills that can fix a car or if you know your way around an engine then looking for automotive careers has become much easier and lucrative.

Preparing your Resume’

The first part of getting any job is to have a clean, crisp resume’.  This is the document that breaks down your education, skills and other factors that make you a good candidate for a job.  When writing you resume’ you want to highlight what makes you different from everybody else.  Employers will have thousands of these to go through and if all of them graduated from the same school or have the same amount of experience then what makes you special?

Have a clear goal

During the interview process you will be asked some basic questions on top of questions that employers want specific answers two.  One question that they might ask is why you feel you are a good fit for a job or why do you think they should hire you.  Giving a canned answer will not get you the job.  Employers don’t want to hear that you are good at your job.  They want to hear passion for the craft.  Hiring someone that just wants a paycheck will not get you a job.  What is it that you bring to the company and why will hiring you make it better?  Employers want to know what is in it for them.

Have questions

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When interviewing the employer will want to know if you have any questions.  Don’t sit there and say “NO.”  This is your time to shine.  Ask a meaningful question.  Ask a question that makes an employer believe that you are passionate and want the job.  Never ask about money or vacation time, at least not as your first question.  Ask a question that shows you want to work.  Ask something like, “If I were in this specific situation how you would want it handled?”  When you ask a question about a situation that comes up that makes the employer think then you just moved yourself ahead of the game.