Full-On Specs Of A Real RAM

ram trucks miamibetween a Dodge RAM and a real RAM

The real RAM is still a Dodge in case you must know. Looking to get one of the all-time classic 21st century pickups? Be warned, the ram trucks miami has available have highlighted specs and features a few miles long. So, what this article’s going to do so long is just make the introductions. And then the rest’s going to be up to you. Whatever deal you and your Dodge sales consultant decide on will be on you.

But if you do your R & D like a real pro, learning how to differentiate between a Dodge RAM and a real RAM you can do no wrong as an all-American truck driver from Miami to New York and back, but no land speed records, please. One or two highlighted features to begin with then. The Dodge RAM has eighteen inch spare wheels packed in the back. In the front is packed a 5.7L V8 HEMI MDS VVT Engine.

Yes, that’s right folks, that’s the full package; thought to mention the full description of the Dodge RAM’s engine for maximum impact. For those who insist on having mod-cons included to the all-American truck, there’s wireless phone connectivity, remote keyless entry, active noise control system (huh, who would want to cut out the noise?) and there’s rear window defrosters included too.

For the long road ahead there’s always going to be your single disc remote CD player. And now there’s this. There’s Sirius XM satellite radio. Getting home later than usual at night? Well, there’s this thing called a Universal garage door opener. Luxury and color for the fashion or image conscious. The vehicle’s been given a sporty look. Interiors are black. Door handles, front and rear bumpers and the grille has been given its uncharacteristic color.

Installed bucket seats are in deluxe cloth. Important info for those of you who are intent on using the RAM for long hauls, you’ll be pleased to know that this here truck has been fully prepared for trailer towing. Black trailer tow mirrors have been included along with the usual exterior mirrors, as well as supplemental signals and courtesy lamps. A Class 4 receiver hitch has been included, and then there’s your trailer brake control.

Almost time to wrap it up. Let’s talk a bit about ‘convenience features’. The driver’s vanity mirror is a ‘touch down’. For long, thirsty drives, front beverage holders have been built in. There’s going to be absolutely no speeding now that speed control’s specs have been illuminated. Driving is safe and focused. All console interests are just overhead, stacked neatly away from the main controls of, like, actual driving.

Here’s some entertaining features to close off with before this here Dodge roars off. Smart device integration includes Apple. The package is also Android compatible. LCD monitors have been included, and then there’s six steering wheel mounted audio controls packed in. Well, alright, kids, get in. There’s place at the back for them too. Five rear seats.