Joys And Benefits Of Re-Building A Transmission

rebuilt transmission

Stubbornly, most men don’t like being told what to do, but admirably, most men like to get their hands dirty. Those men who never bothered to listen and follow what motor car gurus have been saying all the years now find themselves saddled with big bills to pay. Or if not that, they are now taking the bus to work. Or even worse, they’re walking. Because over all the years of not taking good care of their old Sally, they can no longer afford to maintain and run a car’s engine. Err, what’s that someone just said?

Maintain? Who said anything about maintaining the car? Oh, plenty of times, Buck. You heard the stories plenty but you just didn’t bother to listen to them. There’s a big difference, see. Anyhow, those pals who’ve been looking after their cars all these years, well, some of them anyhow, might have come across and experienced the splendors and benefits of a rebuilt transmission. This was accomplished by some of those guys who’ve had their heads buried under cars’ hoods or completely underneath the car’s body, sliding in and out at times to retrieve a screwdriver or a wrench.

And some of these guys have gone on to become 21st century car gurus. They know everything there is to know about the old cars by now. But they also seem to know a lot about the new cars coming onto the market every year, even those strange-looking cars that don’t even make a sound. Why is that? How’s those cars’ engines running? On diesel lite? Nope, by electricity and battery, that’s how. You see, there’s some clever people out there who listened to what the innovators had to say and now they’re saving thousands by the gallon.